The Art of Becoming

Spring 2017 Workshop Series

“Get the Experience Live of Learning How to Be Who You Dream of Becoming!”

Join MindBody Master Dr. Corey Lewis and other students of  The Art of Becoming for this dynamic and interactive workshop series.

In each 2 hour workshop, Dr. Lewis will focus on a different set of techniques from his book that include such fields as Neuro-Linguistic Programming, hypnosis, acupressure, biofeedback and more. And you will have the opportunity to practice these techniques yourself.

Using Hypnosis for Change: Coming Soon

In this workshop you will learn techniques for self-hypnosis and how to hypnotize others, and how to reprogram the conscious and unconscious mind at Alpha Level to get rid of negative emotions and habits.

Timelines and Quantum Leaping: Coming Soon

In this workshop you will learn how to travel through time in your mind, as well as how to lead others through the process to clear past traumas and powerfully attach to future desires and dreams.

Building the Dream Machine: Coming Soon

In this workshop you will learn how to take a powerful dream and turn it into a set of achievable goals and steps at which you can succeed while also learning to break the procrastination barrier and motivate yourself like never before.

Mastering the Body: Coming Soon

In this workshop you will learn acupressure and biofeedback techniques for getting rid of physical pain, reducing stress, as well as a proven process for losing (or gaining) weight and getting the body and physical fitness you desire.

Each workshop is $50, or you can register for the entire series for $150. Classes will be held at Sun Yi’s Academy, 1215 Giuntoli Lane, Arcata. For more information on each workshop and to register call 707-499-6159